Monday, April 6, 2015

The Six Word Narrative

Wake Up, Grow Up, Show Up

Wake Up. This is the means by which we recognize that we live in a larger context; that we're not isolated egos or monads having insulated experiences. We're part of a larger evolutionary context, and we all live as a seamless part of the universe.
Grow Up. This is the invitation to psychological maturity, to a higher consciousness. A personal willingness to "wake up" that is only seen through a singular lens means that we haven't really grown up to higher values, wider circles of love and compassion. We must continue to develop, to transform, to evolve.
Show Up. We all need to answer the two great questions: Who are you? and Are you willing to play a larger game? To answer these, we are bringing together the rich diversity of spiritual traditions, the best theories of psychology, systems theory, and evolutionary science to explore the ways that we are each irreducibly unique expressions of the love and intelligence that is the initiating energy of all that is. This energy lives in you and through you. Each of us has unique gifts, unique needs, unique tasks, unique circles of influence. This uniqueness, and our ability to tap into that and develop it, is the source of our power and aliveness and joy. 
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